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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade(inc. BeautyBay) - First Impression And Review

I have been craving this product for months in all honestly.  However, I've always convinced myself  that I don't need it. Did the dip brow live up to my hopes? 100%. From celebrities, their make-up artists, bloggers and all that is in-between it is all any one is speaking about and using for that matter. And I honestly understand why. I am a dark blonde and thought the 'blonde' shade was too ashy and that 'soft brown' was too red therefore I picked up 'medium brown'.
Let's start of with the packaging, the pomade comes in a sleek glass pot which is transparent on the bottom which means you can see the colour of the product. The lid is black with the rose gold ABH logo which looks incredibly chic just by itself. The packaging isn't bulky in any way and although it is made ut of glass, it is travel friendly. The lid is secure so you don't have to worry abut it flying off.
The product itself is absolutely phenomenal and definitely worth all the hype it's getting. First of all, you need the smallest amount, literally just one small dab to evenly fill in both brows. So although it is £15, you get a product that will last you months, well, at least a year. The product is very smooth so applying it is easy since it just glides on. Even though it is used for the 'Ombre Instagram Brow' look you can easily use it for a natural looking brow. The product is waterproof and actually does last the whole day which is amazing if you're out at work or school etc. The product definitely sets quickly, however if you apply too much etc, just brush it out with a spoolie and you'll be fine. I've seen many people say that you can't fix any 'harsh' lines but a spoolie really does the trick.

I believe the pomade originally came out in 5 shades but now there are 11. There is honestly a shade for you no matter what colour our hair is. 'Medium Brown' is the perfect shade for me since I prefer having slightly darker brows.
I guess you're wondering what I use to apply the product and probably believe it's my trusty Real Techniques 'Eyeliner Brush' I used to use religiously. However, shock horror, I've found an eyebrow brush which I love even more. Hands up, the Morphe 'M158' stole my heart. It is extremely this which means you can get the tail of your brow exactly how you want it. On the other end there is a spoolie which is also really good for the silly £2.50 it costs. I won't review the brush too much since I will be reviewing more Morphe brushes soon but don't hesitate about this brush. It is perfect for this product. And as for BeautyBay, I'm happy with the service. I ordered these late Monday evening and they arrived early Thursday morning in perfect condition. Oh, did I fail to mention that all orders above £15 get a free 2 day tracked delivery? You really can't go wrong.