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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Kat Von D's Shade and Light quad in 'Rust'

I think it is fair to say that I have found the ideal autumnal eyeshadows.
I was awaiting Kat Von D's launch in Debenhams ever since I found out
that their products will be sold there.
I googled this palette and fell in love straight away.
The packaging is quite bulky but I don't mind. It's very
thick plastic but at least the eyeshadows are protected.
There are four different quads in total: Rust, Sage, Smoke and Plum.
Each designed for a different eye colour. Rust, my quad, is especially
designed for blue eyes like my own. However, don't be restricted to what it
says in the box. Anyone with any eye colour can use any eyeshadow,
its just about which colours will stand out more compared to the colour of your eyes.
Also, every one of the four shades has it's own purpose. The largest shade, in
tis case the baby pink, is the 'base' colour. The next shade being 'define', then
'contour' and lastly, 'highlight'.
I didn't buy this qua since they said it was specially designed for blue eyes.
I bought it because the burnt orange, 'rust' shadow drew me in. The colours are very
pigmented and blend heavenly. There is quite a lot of fall down though so
you do have to tap your brush off a few times before applying the shadows but that doesn't affect me.
I have only had this palette a week and I have used it every day ever since, I am obsessed.
I found that the colours swatched with fingers don't look as pigmented as they are when applied
with a brush. So these swatches don't do the colours justice. In real life when applied to your eyelid with a brush, the colours are intensely pigmented.
The first three shades are completely matte. The white highlight shade has
 some simmer to it unlike the others but it isn't too in your face.
And although it is very bright and autumnal, I still
wear these eyeshadows to school. This palette is a perfect 'on the go' palette
because although it is quite bulky, it's still very compact.
I would recommend Kat Von D eyeshadows to everybody, they're very pigmented
and a pleasure to blend. The quads retail for £21 each and if I were you, I would hurry to
get them before they sell out. Definite 10/10 from me!