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Friday, September 30, 2016

Minga London Review

I guess we all want 'tumblr' clothing and when I found Minga London,  I was amazed.   I fell in love with the fact that the prices were decent and that the store was based on the UK. I believe the delivery was free which also had me at shock. To be honest, it all seemed too good to be true. After ages of deciding, I chose a red and yellow cropped ringer tee. I'm pretty sure it cost around £10.99 and the delivery was meant to come in 2-3 working days. I have to admit, that did really bother me.

Honestly, I don't know if I'm too keen on the brand. Their designs are incredibly cute and 'tumblry', but I'm not too pleased with their service. The delivery was meant to be quite quick but the top came a week and a half later. This had me at surprise since it took around 10 days to come, not 3. Another thing that surprised me was the fact that all over the website was the fact that it said it was 'UK based' but when the shirt came, it was clearly marked that it came from a foreign country. The parcel came from Portugal which is probably why t took a wile to come. There is writing in a foreign language with euros on the wrapper of the package.I don't mind buying clothes from abroad but I don't understand why they would state all over their website that the clothes would be sent from London where they are based. 

The top itself is good quality. I chose this top to step out of my comfort zone and I have only worn it once. I was kind of disappointed with the fact that the 'California' writing in the middle isn't central but slightly to the side. However, you can't see unless you look up close. The material itself is actually quite comfortable it's not itchy or anything like that. With the parcel, I also got a voucher for a 10% discount and a 'Minga' sticker. I have to say, the brand is really cute and very aesthetic so I guess I just got an odd product or something.

I guess I could maybe order some more things from this brand in the future. The designs are really cute and the clothes look incredibly unique. But even if I do buy something again, it will be in the future and not any time soon. I'm sticking to the theory that maybe I just got a bad product. Also, the prices are really good and I believe tops start at around £5. Minga London sells tops, sweaters, dresses and everything in between. Most clothes are in one size however there are some options occasionally for a size small, medium or large. The website also has a points earned system called 'beans'. With every 100 beans you get, you get £1 off and you get 100 beans just by signing up.