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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Becca Champagne Pop

I was absolutely breathless when I saw this highlighter, like look how stunning it is.
  I genuinely couldn't walk past SpaceNK without going in and buying it.
Champagne Pop is the most gorgeous peachy gold shade I have ever seen.
This highlight certainly live up to its high expectations.
This product is unlike anything I have ever tried.
It is very pigmented and can make you glow like a goddess yet
it can also give you a very natural healthy glow to the face. The colour itself is beautiful.
Since the shade isn't a straight up 'white' colour, it can look very
natural on the skin. Anther advantage of this colour is that is suits every skin tone.
The undertones in I aren't too heavy and bold either so the highlight really can match everyone.
I have gotten plenty of compliments about my glow whenever I use this product, I use it on a daily basis and I honestly can't think of a reason for why I would stop.
The product itself doesn't have much fall out however, the packaging always has lots of the highlight all over it no matter how I store the product.
The consistency is mind blowing. The powder is incredibly
fine so it blends out very easily. Once applied, it isn't streaky or patchy.
If you put too much on, you can just use a foundation brush to tone it down and it works.
This highlight is both amazing for using by itself or on top of
a liquid highlight such as Benefit's Highbeam.
It works wonders on the cheekbones, lifting the face and making you look
a lot healthier. Since I use a white eyeshadow for under my brow bone,
I use Champagne pop on my cheekbones, top of my cupids bow
and the tip off my nose.
The packaging itself is so chic.
The name 'Champagne Pop' definitely deserves all he hype it gets.
The product has the typical rubber and metal Becca packaging and it is very sturdy yet glam.
Is it worth £32? I think so.
Not only do you get the satisfaction of using a luxury product but you also get an amazing
glow. This is by far my favourite powder highlight and I strongly recommend it.
In the UK, you can buy Becca products at SpaceNK and Cult Beauty
where they are at the same price.