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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Too Faced Shadow Insurace-Worth The Hype?

For a while now I have been undecided between the Too Faced Shadow insurance 
and Urban Decay's potion primer but since I didn't have anything from this brand, I was willing to try this one out first.

I have to admit that I absolutely adore the Too Faced packaging and they have done a really good job on it. The product itself is amazing too as it intensifies the colour of
the shadows and makes them last all day. The only thing that I am not to keen on about this product is the smell as it reminds me of liquorice. That aside, this product is a must have.
In this little tube that you can see, you get 11grams of product.
Although that doesn't sound as much, you only need the slightest amount to cover both eyelids.
I have been using this product for around two weeks now to be able t give a proper and honest review on it and I cannot fault it. I believe that I have purchased
 the original eyeshadow primer-In the Shadow Insurance family there are 5 different primers that all have different undertones.

The actual colour of the product reminds me of just a normal concealer. When blended out,
you cannot even see it. It creates the most perfect base for any eyeshadow, cream r powder.
Not only does the primer even out the skin tone and texture on your eye, it also makes the shadows easier to blend. Whether you are wanting to just d a very simple, neutral look or brig in a pop of colour, this primer woks absolute magic.

Here I have swatched Urban Decay's Gunmetal eyeshadow
(first swatch with the primer, bottom without). As you an tell, the colour
has majorly intensified and was even more difficult to remove with the primer underneath it.
When on my eyes, my eyeshadow lasts from 7am until he evening which is actually a big achievement.

Is it worth £17? I think so.
I feel as though the difference between the shadows with and without the primer and big enough to invest in it. But since it was Black Friday yesterday, you can mow get I in the sale for an absolute bargain.
It prevents the colours from fading and does everything the packaging says.
I have had this for 2 weeks and for the entire of the two weeks I've been obsessing over this.