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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sleek Cream Contour Kit Review

Truth is, I've never really been into the whole contouring trend,
especially the really bold type. I just preferred lightly bronzing up my face with a red toned bronzer and that's about it.
However, when I heard Saffron Baker praising this contour kit, I knew I had to buy it.
 And I wasn't disappointed. This certain kit comes in three different shades-Light, Medium and Dark. I opted for the lightest out of the three since I have recently become very pale
and I am in love with this. I use the lightest two shades under my eyes to brighten the area and alternate between the two first darkest shades mixed and the last darkest shade to define my face. This is a makeup bag staple.
This little beauty retails for only £10.99 and can be bought in both Superdrug and Boots. Baring in mind you get six highlight and contour shades plus a very big mirror, this is a complete bargain. The two stores tend to often have a lot of offers on for brands such as Sleek so this is defiantly worth checking out. Out of all the high street contour kits that i have tried, this has the be the winner. Not only does it have a beautiful formula, it also lasts all day. 
A trick that I have found is to set it with a powder bronzer to make it last even longer.
Product wise,  cant really fault this kit. It contains three lighter and three darker shades,which can all be used to highlight and contour as well as conceal. Since I have been using this every day for the past month, I have been able to get a full and proper idea and opinion of how his product works and lasts. I am still as in love with this as the first day I bought it. Whether you are a beginner at contouring  an absolute pro, I'm sure you will love this product just as much as I do. The formula blends out perfectly, especially when blended out in circular motions. The amazing thing about this s that it can very easily be built up into a very strong contour, or sheered out to look very natural. 
And even if you're not too sure on how to use it, you get a little guide within the box to help out all you beginners. Is it worth £10.99? Without a doubt.
This will change your life, thank me later.