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Friday, March 10, 2017

Anastasia's Modern Renaissance Palette

I feel as though Anastasia's Modern Renaissance took over the whole beauty market last summer...and rightly so! 
I have been desperately in need of this palette ever since I saw it pop up now and then on Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty and I can't even describe to you the look on my face when I saw that my boyfriend bought me it for my birthday-I was over the moon.
Before I even mention the quality and pigmentation of these angel blended shadows, can we please take a minute to appreciate how gorgeous this packaging is though?
If you are a sucker for packaging like me, this aesthetic beauty is a must have.
At first sight,the palette may seem a bit daring to wear since a few of the colours included in it are quite bold. But don't be fooled. You can create the most stunning neutral eyes as well as super out there looks.And this is what I love about this palette- how extremely versatile it is.
The two colours that drew me in instantly were Buon Fresco (a pastely mauve) and Vermeer (the most stunning champagne shimmer on the pink side). They are by far my favourite combination that I have tried out so far because of how delicate it is but still with a hint of glam. 
Whether I am doing my eye-shadow for school or a meal out, I end to pop Buon Fresco into my crease and under my lower lash line with Vermeer all over the lid.
The included brush is also very good quality and is amazing at packing on shimmers.
All of the colours are insanely pigmented, even without a fix-ant or setting spray. After you have tapped your brush after applying the eye-shadow to it, you won't experience any fall out under your eyes of excess product. Here the colours are finger swatched with no primer or base underneath.

Would I say this gem is worth the £41? 100%.
I hardly ever reach for any other shadows since this came into my life.
So if you haven't already, make sure you keep your eye out on Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty's website because this is a catch.

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