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Saturday, March 11, 2017

My Signature Scents

Perfume (and body mists in particular) have been my weakness from ever since I can remember.  
One of my favourite things to collect have got to be sprays,
there is something so satisfying in even just the bottles themselves. I thought I would share my favourite ones with you.

Ariana Grande's Sweet like Candy perfume is on another level, and I'm not just saying this since I am a strong Arianator. Every single aspect of this perfume is absolutely beautiful. The bottle is so aesthetic that jut having it stand on my desk makes me smile.
The second I opened this present, I was absolutely speechless. Not only did the chic baby pink and rose gold packaging draw me in, the actual scent made me fall in love.
It is definitely a girly scent since it is a blend of marshmallows and vanilla.
But it's not very powering, it is subtle yet there.

Victoria Secret sprays have a sacred place in my heart, they are my obsession. 
I have gone through multiple ones in my time; Aqua Kiss, Love Spell, Pear Glace and so on.
I have tried to narrow it down, but I am incapable of doing so.
I wear Vanilla Lace, Pure Seduction and Eau So Sexy religiously yet they are all so different.
I was never rally attracted into just use vanilla scents but after watching Ariana talking about this particular spray, I knew I needed it. From that moment, it was as if I opened my eyes. 
This is a very,rich warm scent and is needed by anyone with a sweet tooth. 
Pure Seduction is on the fruitier side. I love the smell of anything sweet so I was naturally attracted to this plum scented aroma. And Eau So Sexy, is by far the freshest and most delicate out of the three.
It is a very light fragrance but smells how we all aspire to smell in the morning.
And lastly, Hollister's Palisades Beach mist.
This is also very fruity since it is a mixture of kiwi and peach yet it is very light and quite fresh. 
All five of these sprays are a most have for me and i would 100% recommend
you trying them out if you are out on a hunt for an amazing fragrance which will get you
multiple compliments.