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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Standing Up For Girls-Working With The Children's Society

I am absolutely thrilled to have teamed up with The Children's Society to bring 
awareness to the pressure on girls nowadays. 
If you haven't heard of it before, it is a wonderful organisation which helps children
dealing with all problems -mental, physical, home, school and even friend related ones.
I have always taken a very big interest in topics as such, basing my artwork for my art GCSE
and work for my AS in Creative Writing on them.

With doing a lot of research into this subject, I have found out that more than a quarter of a million girls aged 10-15 across the country are not happy with their lives overall which
is way too many.
When asked about the above topics, many said things along the lines of “There is a lot of pressure to look good, you get called names no matter what, people always say stuff behind your back".
And well, that is often the case. But after dealing with unhealthy
friendships and surrounding myself with people with negative energy, I've realised
that even in situations where you think you are powerless, you do have control.

A few months back I left my friendship group.
It was hard. I went from having a group of girls to sit with at break and lunch
to basically no one but my boyfriend. I had to move in lessons to sit by myself.
But speaking from personal experience, erasing negativity from your life
is one of the most healthiest steps you can take.
Hanging around with that group sometimes made me unhappy.
I didn't always agree with how they treated me, others and even each other.
And even though I may not go out as much, I feel more secure.
People who make you feel bad about yourself and bring out your insecurities
do not deserve a place in your precious life.
I feel as though not everyone will brave that choice.
After all, it was extremely difficult.
But if it has taught me one thing, it is that the people you surround yourself
can have a very big impact on the way picture yourself and your appearance-which
is why even only having one or two positive, genuine and true friends in your life is healthier

than a bunch of fake ones.

And this applies to everything, not just friends.
Many people are unable to realise the toxicity of their relationships which is often a key cause of their unhappiness. People often overlook the amount of pressure and stress teenagers are forced to go though. Many adults just see this generation as phone obsessed empty heads but that is the polar opposite of what is really going on.
Friends, relationships, family and at home situations, college choices, the university vs apprenticeship dilemma, the entire application process whatever you decide as well as the other ongoing problems around us have a very large impact on our health (in every meaning of the word).

As young people, we have the power to change the future as it is literally in our hands.

If you are facing any problems (large or small) or if you are willing to
donate some money, check out and help
make a difference to a life today, whether it is yours or somebody elses.
And just remember, even though your life could be ten times better, it could
always be twenty times worse.

K x