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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Anastasia Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit Review

I feel as though this little gem has been the talk of all beauty enthusiasts 
ever since it came out at the beginning of last month.
As a highlighter junkie and someone well and truly in love with Anastasia Beverly Hills
and Nicole Guerriero herself, I had my heart on getting this glow kit.
I was lucky enough to get treated to it by my boyfriend who picked this up at Sephora, however I know it is available to purchase 
on Anastasia's website, both the English and American.
First of all, the packaging.
The box of the highlighters is literally the shade of my soul-
baby pink with thousands of little glitter specks running through out it.
Without even opening it and looking and the products themselves, the packaging is
There are six highlighters in total, covering a wide range of colours
from the possible highlight spectrum.
You have your frost, icy white and your peach tinted pink, You are supplied
with the most beautiful mauvey rose gold, pure gold,  gorgeous mandarin orange and even
such a stunning bronze with a rosey reflect.
As you can tell, the pigmentation is absolutely insane.
The intense finely milled glitter which runs within them makes it effortless 
to make the highlighters look like dripping metal.
You can easily achieve the most blinding glazed donut look yet still
have the possibility of giving yourself a natural glow from within.
Swatches top to bottom-Forever Young, Kitty Kat and Forever Lit.
As for the formula, it is also absolutely insane.
All six of the powders are very buttery and creamy which allows you
to work with them with no problem.
Is this one glow kit worth £39 and all the hype it is getting?
Not only do you get six different highlighters for the price, which equals to £6.50 per shade,
they have the most beautiful quality.
And did I tell you that the different hues and reflects make them suitable for each and every skin tone?