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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Barbas&Zácari- Their Famous, Gorgeous Watches

If you haven't yet heard of Barbas & Zácari,  I am honestly shocked. 
It is an Australian brand ran by two designers. Yes as you have guessed, their names are Barbas and Zácari.
Not only do they sell some of the most aesthetically pleasing watches and even have
their own sunglasses collection, their profits and morals all go to a very
important and ethical cause.

The thing that makes this business so unique and unlike all the others is that they donate
$5 from each item sold to The Australian Cancer Research.
I am sure that you all are aware or personally know someone who is
battling this horrible illness, so why not contribute to making a change? 
And to make things even better, you can use the code "KSYESTERDAYS"
for free shipping and 20% off.
That's right, TWENTY.
And even if you don't intend on buying anything, at least check out their site,
you won't be disappointed-