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Monday, May 1, 2017

The Ultimate Guide To Shopping The Sales

I love sales. I mean, who doesn't?
Being someone who regularly tracks sales in store and online, I feel as though
I have gained enough experience to tell a good bargain apart from a waste of money.
Here's some tips on how you can make the most out of any sale.

Do your research

This is quite an important step that many people tend to miss out.
Yes, there are sales that a certain shop puts on without any others.But quite often
when one shop is having a big sale, it is really likely that others are too.
Doing your research doesn't necessarily require you to turn int a shopping
spy (unless that is what you want to do by all means) but if you see that one store is hosting a huge sale, before buying that bag you've been eyeing up for weeks, see whether other companies are also offering products at discounted prices, especially if more than one store eels a certain brand.
For example, if you're wanting to buy a Ted Baker bag, as well as looking on their website,
you can also look on House of Fraser, Selfridges and Asos to see if you can hunt down a better deal.

Think beforehand

If you're going in store to pick up some bargains, try to plan what you want 
beforehand. Not only will this save you some time, but it will also give you a good idea of what items to expect on sale. Looking on the shops website before you go into their store is a sneaky little way of finding out what will actually be on sale, and in what sizes.

Know your strategy

The most successful way of making the most out of sales is by foreshadowing the day.
Make sure to plan out which shops you'll go in first and in which you will probably leave the most money in. If you want to be strategic, buy the most expensive product first and heaviest last if possible.This way you won't have to worry as much about having enough left over for the item that costs the most and carrying the heaviest bag ever for the entire day.

Have a strong will

We have all bought things just because they were discounted and the regretted it soon after, it happens. But to avoid making this mistake in the future, you need to not allow yourself to fall into the trap.If you don't adore the product, know you wont get a lot of use out of it or know it wont improve your life in any way, you do not need it. Businesses tend to trick people into purchasing their products in multiple different ways but you need to ask yourself one simple question, will I use this product as much as the non sale version?