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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Dodo Lashes- Honest Review And First Impression

Dodo Lashes is an 'Indie' lash brand which sells 100% mink lashes.
They have an extremely wide variety of lashes on their site, and when I say 'wide', I really do mean wide.
Whether you are looking for dramatic 
slaying lashes or some more natural ones, I guarantee that you'll find them at Dodo Lashes.
The lashes I most wanted to try were the D201 lashes, which were more on
the subtle yet definitely fluttery side.
(And please excuse the tragic quality, I couldn't find my camera's charger so I'm stuck with
a 5s camera:((  )

I absolutely adore these beauties!
Despite not being a huge false lashies gal, I do have to admit that these are very comfy, lightweight
and easy to apply.
I use the Eyelure lash glue with these babies and I had no trouble at all.
So if you are after some new falsies, whether they are more natural or full glam,
Dodo Lashes is the place for you.

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Use the code 'ksyesterdays' to be able to save.

K x