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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Why Taking More Photos Will Make You Happier

If you know me personally, you'll know one of the phrases I most often say is
'can we get a photo?' and that is because I absolutely
adore taking them. Whether they're to edit and post on here or to print out into a frame,
photographs are by far one of my favourite inventions.
I thought I'd share some reasons why photos will also make YOU happier.

-Photos help you bring out your creative side
Many see photography as a form of art as it allows you to express yourself or a current emotion in one single shot. If you're as arty as me and literally LIVE for things being aesthetic, taking photos and even editing them is a large pleasure.

-My bestie and I stating that we do not shine without each other.

-Once again, another wall art pic. Could not resit taking a photo
in front of this beautiful wall.

-Taking photos allows you to relive specific moments in different places
Since I moved countries as a younger child, looking through photos allows me to teleport back to my home town-Gdansk.
But this also relates to other places such as holidays and trips.
-Gdansk, Poland

-Madrid, Spain

-Are photos your diary?
Another use of photos is a to treasure a moment, whether it is to remember an amazing meal you have had or a cute little street you walked down. Sometimes keeping a written diary can
be quite time consuming, so why not use pictured one instead?
-Some GORGEOUS snow cones my friend and I bought during the summer.
-A beautiful little indie street I found in a local town.
-Slightly off the tourist theme, my favourite ever set of nails
 I had done for y prom a few months back.
-A very cute little lunch date with my ma.

-Photos alter your mood
Nothing makes me happier than looking through photos, especially when they're the ones
I have with my best and closest friends.
Whenever you're feeling a bit down, try having a quick gander over some of your old pics
and you are guaranteed to feel a bit warmer inside.
 -A prime example of a photo that can instantly make me happy, one of my favourite ever beauties
who can make me smile in a heartbeat.
One of my favourite ever pics of my bestie and I posing in front of some very optimistic wall art.

K x

P.S.- My dearest apology for being so MIA recently,
starting a new college is more draining than you'd expect it to be.
But I promise to write up a regular schedule.