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Sunday, February 11, 2018

A Heart To Heart

As you have probably guessed if you have been here a while, my posts over the past few months have been pretty much non existent.And despite not posting much on here not being an official crime,
it kind of feels like it is since I am letting both you and me down.

In all honesty, the last few moths have been a series of constant ups and downs- a literal roller coaster. Starting a new college in a different town, break ups, make ups and not 
mentioning the absolutely M.A.D. transition between gcses and alevels.
For all those abroad wondering, college in England is the fence between secondary school and university. And despite adoring all my chosen subjects (Business, Law and Accounting),
life has become a lot more tiring.
With all these nerves and stress I think I forgot that my biggest stress relief method is actually
writing my silly, little posts for this teeny corner of the internet which
is exactly why I promise to be more active.
I'll write up some rota for more regular posts and I promise you will be seeing A LOT
more of me this year, love you angels.

K x