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Sunday, March 4, 2018

17 Wishes

A few days ago, I finally turned seventeen. 
Despite not being a big 'birthday person', I couldn't wait to close one of
the hardest years of my life. 
I thought that I would take the time to share my seventeen wishes 
for the following year with you angels and possibly motivate some of you with my own aspirations.

1- Appreciate every moment
2- To make the most out of every situation
3- Not allow any optional negativity in my life- both people and situations
4- Be myself
5- Take more photos
6-  Go on more walks
7-To become more confident within myself 
8- Have a more optimistic view on my surroundings
9- Take thorough care of myself
10- Read more
11- Appreciate those around me more
12- Be less mainstream
13- Never forget my value 
14- Follow my gut instinct 
15-  Smile more
16- Discover more music
17- To be both emotionally and mentally happy

K x