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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Self Growth

Self growth is quite a heavy phrase.
 I think many of us see it as making miraculous improvements towards a set goal.
However, I disagree. Yes. Yes we can grow in order to accomplish a previously set aim but many of us overlook the fact that self growth doesn't only apply to the biggest and greatest of our achievements. 

I truly believe that we are entitled and should celebrate every victory in our lives, no matter how little. Every aspect of our lives helps us grow, even our day to day attitudes. It is so heart breaking that so many of our achievements are ignored because they're not 'big enough'. Every little step you take is worthy of appreciation. Whether the step is literal or metaphorical. This could literally be anything from building the courage to talk to someone new or facing one of your biggest fears. The step could even just be motivating yourself to get out of bed and go for a walk to calm your mind -  there is no measurement for these types of things.
 I'm writing
this because I strongly believe that we overlook many things that deserve recognition,
We all need to value ourselves more.

K x